Grubs Tayline Green Boot

Grubs Tayline Green Boot

The Grubs Riverline Green Boot is a great general activity Wellington boot providing waterproof and insulated features. This outdoor field boot has a TRAX sole pattern, with small lugs front & rear to provide good 'push off' grip and a prominent heel for 'braking' grip.

Grubs have also designed this boot with a 2mm thick layer of tough rubber to help provide protection against damage from bramble, twigs, undergrowth etc, for a more durable and sustainable design.

If you are looking for an outdoor field boot that will keep your feet warm no matter what the weather, then you will need to look no further as this boot has advanced 5.0 thermal technology and cam worn in temperatures as -10┬║ C.
  • Outdoor field boot
  • Insu-foam Ultra technology
  • Advanced 5.0 thermal engineering
  • Super-dri lining
  • Under foot chassis
  • Hard-toe
  • Nitrocell
  • TRAX sole
  • Hexzorb
  • Duraprene
  • Comfortable in ┬átemperatures from -10┬║ C to +30┬║ C

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