Grubs Frostline Violet Boot

Grubs Frostline Violet Boot

The Grubs Frostline Violet Boot is a general activity Wellington clearly aimed at a female market with its bright Violet colour. This Grubs boot is an insulated and suitable to sustained periods in temperatures down to -10 degrees centigrade.

The Grubs Frostline Violet boot has a TRAX sole pattern, with small lugs front & rear to provide good 'push off' grip and a prominent heel for 'braking' grip.

The foot bed has a 6mm Nitrocell providing both insulation & cushioning, promising you a comfortable and lightweight outdoor boot that you will love. For a more durable and hard wearing boot the foot and lower calf area of this boot have a 2mm thick layer of tough rubber. This rubber layer provides protection against damage by brambles etc.

With the Grubs Frostline Violet Boot you are purchasing an insulated & water proof Wellington with excellent grips properties, suitable for general use including dog walking
  • Field boot
  • Ideal for work and leisure activities
  • Insu-foam Ultra technology
  • Advanced 5.0 thermal engineering
  • Super-dri lining
  • Under foot chassis
  • Nitrocell
  • TRAX sole
  • Duraprene
  • Comfortable in ┬átemperatures from -10┬║ C to +30┬║ C

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